Care Program

Our clients benefit from both the carefully developed, innovative internal structure of a large company, and the agility and proficiency of direct owner involvement. In this way, we are able to contribute rich resources and a personal touch to each relationship we maintain.

Diverse methods of communication such as telephone, email, IM, Twitter, plain old-fashioned correspondence, and personal meetings (of course!) ensure that concerns may be addressed promptly. Our clients can access account information through our website, where they can see their service schedule, financial records, and the disposition of special requests that may have been issued.

We are developing a wonderful program especially for the homeowner and condominium associations we serve. As part of the Classic family of clients, they can receive exclusive benefits that only Classic offers.

Our customers rely on us to manage their property with an eye to cost, pro-activity, and accountability. The Classic Care Program delivers on this promise.


  • Managing your budget…
  • Our carefully developed and dynamic management process produces cost savings without compromising your landscape investment.

  • Bringing you the ideas you need…
  • Our site management team maximizes responsiveness and facilitates improvements.

  • Delivering on what was promised…
  • Our technology manages your services to assure consistent scheduling and quality.