by Kris Wolf

As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer, we realize that fall us upon us.  In preparation, we close our pools, cover our lawn furniture and put away our yard decorations, but what are we doing to maintain our lawn equipment?

After the last mowing of the year, when the grass stops growing or the snow begins to fall, you should prepare your mower and lawn equipment for storage.  You can follow the instruction manual that came with your equipment or search fall lawn equipment maintenance on the internet.  There are many websites that give you step by step instructions on maintaining your equipment all year long.  Some of the recommended fall maintenance is to:

1.  Drain the Gas Tank or Add Fuel Stabilizer to the Gas Tank

2.  Clean the Undercarriage

3.  Change the Oil

4.  Change the Air Filter

5.  Replace the Spark Plug

Remember, safety first and always recycle the fluids that are drained from your equipment.  If you are not mechanically inclined, you might want to contact your local small engine shop who can perform this work for you. You could do the same maintenance to your lawn equipment in the spring however, if it is done in the fall, you will avoid the spring rush when the grass starts growing.  If you perform fall maintenance on your mower and other lawn equipment, you will be glad you did next spring when you start up your lawn mower again.

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